Rhaegar comes from Dragon Island, Kevlar World. He is handsome and reserved. His signature dark red eyes of the Targaryen Family seems melancholy against his silvery hair. Even so, he is still being evaluated for the rare beauty of man, he has the ability to ride dragons and is regarded as an excellent dragon knight.

The reason for the pain of humans lies in their pursuit of wrongful ambitions.--Knight Rhaegar


Skill Effect
Forbidden War Draws enemies close and deals physical damage, also summons a shield wall that encircles targets for 5 seconds. The wall grants 25% damage reduction.
Dragon Breath Breathes fire, dealing magic damage and taunting targets for 3 seconds (100% effective for targets lower than skill level).
Thorn Dealing physical damage to targets in front; generates a shield to absorb damage for 5 second.
Dragon Armor The loss of 1% HP will increase physical defense and magic defense by certain points.