The king of Demons in Mythical World, ambitious and furious, who lives in the demon space. From the moment he became the king, he never stopped provoking the Saints.

You don't know what is despair if you don't even try once. --Genghis Khan


Skill Effect
Demon Invasion Switch to melee mode, dealing physical damage 7 times to enemies nearby. The melee mode lasts for 30 seconds and Rage can't be gathered during this period.
Royal Banquet Summons a blood pool, heals allies near the pool, lasts for 5 seconds.
Troop Leader Grants ATK bonus to allies nearby with HP leech effect (Each attack transfers damage into HP recovery) for 5 seconds.
Storm Eye Grants DEF bonus to self when the blood pool exists.

Guide to defeat when confronting him (Stage 13-10)

Major Skills:

Skill Effect
Demon Invasion Emit and withdraw 5 chain hooks, deals physical damage to the targets on the chain hook’s path. (With warning)
Flash Strike Increases Attack and deal physical damage to enemies in a cone area in-front; grants defense bonus to self for 3 seconds. (No warning)
Boss - Genghis Khan (13-10 Walkthrough)

Boss - Genghis Khan (13-10 Walkthrough)

Interrupt warning skill (Demon Invasion), observe and interrupt AOE skill (Flash Strike).

1) The first warning skill (Demon Invasion) launches at 2:49 and then launches every 15-20 seconds, it needs to be interrupted.

2) Normally the AOE skill Flash Strike follows after the warning skill Demon Invasion, you need to interrupt when the Boss jumps up.