Gear Help:

  • Use a full set: You receive a bonus to ATK or DEF, depends on which gear is equipped.
  • Every piece of the same set equipped, gives a bonus in set attributes.
  • Equip gear that will give Fate bonus. EX: Equipping Predator’s Shoulders on Daenerys will give 14% HP boost.

Gear Mastery:

  • Must have 4 pieces of gear or 2 pieces of Jewelry equipped on a single hero to activate.
  • Bonus is only given to equipped hero.
  • Every 10 levels (all 4 gear/2 jewelry), receive bonus ATK, HP, P-DEF and M-DEF.
  • Every rank (all 4 gear/2 jewelry), receive additional 2% boost to Damage Bonus and Damage Reduction.